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Is naturopathic medicine a form of rejuvenation?

Is naturopathic medicine a form of rejuvenation?

Can you use your extended health benefit toward rejuvenating/repairing your damaged skin/organ cells?

Optimal Health brings beauty and youth to our body (including skin and other organs) and our thoughts/mind.

The great body and mind ability for adaptation and internal power of self-healing gives us a chance to temporarily overcome our lack of energy, minimal bodily pain or other minor health issues; however, our body and mind needs help.

So what should we do to resume our optimal health?

The best bet is to take the minor health/skin issues serious and seek help from a caring physician whether it is regarding your skin or body and mind.

So according to one of the principles of Naturopathic Medicine “vis medicatrix naturae”  the healing power of nature and our body/skin could rejuvenate/regenerate/repair our cells.

How would you cover the cost?

Well,In most cases your extended insurance benefits will be enough to cover the cost of your optimal health and rejuvenation partially or totally through naturopathic medicine. 

Most of these medical interventions are natural with minimal risks whether it is through machines or natural medicine recommendations, in fact, a big part of rejuvenation and optimal health are different forms of non surgical treatment/prevention which we all know is better than surgery.

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