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Dr. Danesh and his team offer a vast variety of medical services to help you care for your skin and nurture your health. These services are medical procedures and treatments/packages which can be used to heal, revive, strengthen, volumize and beautify, to leave you looking and feeling happy.

Treatment of skin:

Total Skin & Hair Recovery Packages:


1)Skin Rejuvenation and health package: In this package you will receive treatments at the cellular level through which your skin will be looking healthier and revitalized in other words the quality of your skin will be improved by 2-3 times and stays that way for years if your health and living environment stays the same.


2)Skin tightening package: In this package you receive a series of treatments in which your skin will be 6-10 years younger just by restoring fat pads ( superficial and deep) with the professional injection techniques of dermal fillers and tightening up the ligaments.


3)Face contouring package: In this package you will receive treatments which ultimately create prominent angles/contours according to “Golden Ratios” giving you a chic and elegant look.


4)Skin scar treatment package: In this package up to 80% of your Atrophic scars depth will be resurfaced or filled up with your own skin tissue.


5)Hair restoration package: In this series of treatments, you will be able to recover up to 70% of your scalp hair volume and thickness depending on the underlying cause.


The results of all of the above packages will be guaranteed with first/middle and last session pictures. Also pictures with 200 times magnification from the hair/skin condition will be provided before and after treatments if requested.

  • Skin rejuvenation (Non-surgical wrinkle resurfacing/treatment)

  • Skin Tightening

  • Acne Treatment

  • Acne Scar Treatment

  • Accident Scar Treatment

  • Freckle/Mole and Brown Spots Removal

Treatment of body:

  • Weight control

  • Radio frequency/ Ultrasound face/neck treatment


Treatment of hair:

  • Hair Transplant

  • Hair Enrichment/Hair Analysis

Treatment of illnesses:

  • Treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Hair loss root cause

  • Treatment of chronic skin ulcers

  • Hair and Skin diseases

  • Natural treatment of hormonal imbalances in both males and females

  • Treatment of Auto-immune diseases

  • Diagnosis and treatment of food sensitivity


Follow the instructions below to receive %10 discount on Dr.Danesh compounding creams which are as follows:

1) Natural Night Face/Body Cream
2) Under eyes natural night cream
3) Natural Day Cream
4) Around eye Wheat germ cream

Send an email to  which includes your request and pictures. A discount code and type of the cream you need will be send to you. Then you could purchase it online from the following website,

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