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Dear Prospective Students:

How does Medical Aesthetician (Skin Care Specialist) MasterCourse"

With Canadian College of Anti Aging Medicine, work?

Upon completion of all related Aesthetic Courses in the Canadian College of Anti Aging Medicine, the Medical Aesthetician Diploma will be awarded. You could receive your final certificate as Medical Esthetician with or without injection courses however it is your responsibility to work under your scope of practice in every jurisdiction. 

These courses have been designed for healthcare providers, Aesthetic practitioners, and/or whoever is interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in Aesthetic Medicine. At the end of each course, you will take a test and will receive a certificate for that specific course.


The above courses will be taught by Dr. Danesh ND (founder of Danesh Aesthetics) with a background in dermatology as MD for over 26 years. Also Dr.Salehi MD is involved in teaching and supervising the injection courses. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate for each course. After completion of all courses, you will receive a “Medical Aesthetician certificate” from our Academy.  

Among our graduates, those who want to receive the "Advanced Medical Aesthetician Diploma" should take injection courses that have been designed for medical practitioners (Including Registered nurses, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, and Dentists).

A graduate who holds our Medical Aesthetic Diploma and would like to spend more time in our clinic will be offered job opportunities in Danesh Aesthetics Clinics. Also, the extra time would allow them to have the proper experience to run one of our clinics in their city in which case they have our full support and supervision. 

Courses in our Canadian Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (CAAMed)

Medical Aesthetician (Esthetician) courses/units:
o UNIT #1 -- Microdermabrasion use in skincare
o UNIT #2 -- Modern radiofrequency technologies and Utracavitation
o UNIT #3 --Advanced micro-needling
o UNIT #4 -- Acne scar and hyperpigmentation treatment
o UNIT #5 -- Laser technologies
o UNIT #6 -- Clinic administration
o UNIT #7 -- HIFU
o UNIT #8 -- Business strategies and practice management. Art of
communication in customer service.
o UNIT #9– The use of skin products in skin care clinics

Advanced medical Aesthetician (Esthetician) courses/units courses/units:
o UNIT #1 Basic Dermal Filler Injection
o UNIT #2 Advanced Dermal Filler Injection
o UNIT #3 Basic Cosmetic Botulinum toxin injection
o UNIT #4Advanced Cosmetic Botulinum toxin injection
o UNIT #5 PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
o UNIT #6 Mesotherapy
o UNIT #7 Thread lift
o UNIT #8 Skin Lesion Removal (Benign/Warts/Moles/Tags/Seb-k/etc)

Medical Aesthetic Diploma 

(No injection courses)


Advanced Medical Aesthetic Diploma (Includes injection courses)


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