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Dear All:

Is summer the right time to start the acne and acne scar treatment? 

well, UVB from the perforated ozone layer is still coming into our living environment and in some cases, minimal exposure has a drastic effect on our skin. However, since patients who are committed to their treatment, would take care of their skin even more, we have always seen the scars improve based on different types and ethnicity in summertime. Also, there are many protection means that can be offered to help with the outcome of the process. In general, no matter when you start the treatment as long as a patient protects his skin against the UBV (even from laptops and computers and outdoor UVB) and has consistency, the treatment outcome will be amazing.

Once your acne scars resurfaced, They improved for your whole life.

The first 2-3 weeks of acne scar treatment may be accompanied by some redness and lots of peeling, However, depending on what procedure your doctor chooses for your treatment this would vary.

Dear All,

Deep Acne scar resurfacing/treatment in 2-3 sessions, is NOT a myth anymore.

Subcision with the right product made it possible!

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