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Dear All,Microneedling application in dermatology‌? (study review)

After 2.5 month of treatment including microneedling


Since the development of the first Dermaroller 20 years ago, a variety of new microneedling (MN) devices have been introduced. Accordingly, the applications of MN in dermatology have expanded to numerous indications over the past several years. This review (1) highlights evidence of the potential for MN in the treatment of several dermatologic conditions, including 1)disorders of pigmentation, 2)premalignant lesions such as AK, 3)Atrophic scars secondary to acne and surgical procedures, 4)hyperhydros 5)Striae 6)hair pathologies such as AGA ( Androgenetic Alopecia) ●As you can see in the above pics, the results of acne scar treatment, rejuvenation and hyperpigmentation with microneedling was great. The sterilized needles penetrate the stratum corneum and create small holes known as micro-conduits with minimal damage to the epidermis.The natural wound healing cascade is induced as platelets and neutrophils are recruited to release growth factors which ultimately results in collagen and fibroblast deposition. (1)PMID: 28848356 #microneedling #acnescars

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