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Our Goal 
To Heal, Revitalize, and Beautify Your Skin/Hair and address the root cause of chronic diseases with Danesh Aesthetics integrative methods

Welcome to Danesh Aesthetics, where we combine conventional, alternative, and functional medicine in order to provide an integrative and healing-oriented approach to meet your medical and cosmetic needs. Our clinics are all about helping you to achieve optimal health and beauty through the use of the various traditional and alternative medical procedures and treatments that we offer. A big part of our process is helping you to connect internal factors, such as your mind and body, as well as external factors, such as your environment and lifestyle, to your health and cosmetic well being. The focus of Danesh Aesthetics is to provide medical and cosmetic attention to your skin and hair, with services such as diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions, treatment of acne, removal of moles, brown spots and scars, and enrichment of hair. However, we offer a selection of services for the health of your body as well, including creation of diet plans, use of weight loss procedures, and the treatment of hormonal imbalances and auto-immune diseases. (for more information on our list of treatments, please visit our medical services page or contact us). We hope that we can impact your health and cosmetic well-being in the best possible way and work towards assisting you to love your appearance and live a better life, as we have tried to do for our clients for many years. You could use to book your appointments.

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New location in Newmarket, Ontario open by mid-April

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